We love to eat and travel. We passionately believe that you can do both at the same time sitting at your desk at work, or just relaxing at home. BOXDAIRE  is a new kind of surprise box, beautifully crafted to bring you a hint of surprise, a feeling of joy, a moment of foreign bliss, and a mouthful of yummies. Everything you find in your box is sourced from our trusted brands from different countries in the world. Let’s get snacking!

我們熱愛吃跟旅行。 無論是在辦公桌前面對時間的壓力,或是在家裡輕鬆地待著,BOXDAIRE讓你從味蕾的世界中同時享受美好食物與旅行的歡愉!BOXDAIRE是一種不可預知、充滿驚喜的新型態零食訂購服務。在打開充滿質感包裝的BOXDAIRE之前,你不會知道收到什麼零食。但這些來自不同國家,充滿變化的美味零食將讓你感受到無比驚奇,還有滿嘴好好吃的喜悅。每一份零食都是我們從全世界精心挑選值得信賴的特色品牌,從現在開始訂購,感受這項服務前所未有的魅力吧!


At BOXDAIRE, we are thankful for the environment that nurtures our soul. Our packaging speaks to the RECYCLE, REUSE, REDUCE movement:

BOXDAIRE BAGS: after you receive our BOXDAIRE bags, you can reuse it as a grocery bag, pillow case, treasure bag, and more

BOX: all the yummy goodies are delivered to you via a postoffice box or a plain box, both can be recycled and reused

BOXDAIRE CARD: our monthly game card is beautifully designed, it can be framed as a decoration on your desk or pinned to a wall

We love animals and we want to help them. We donate a meal to dog and cat shelters when a BOXDAIRE is delivered to you. 

So many doggies and kitties roam the streets without a proper shelter to keep them safe, we hope to help them find a forever home with a loving family. If you see any doggies or kitties needing help, please give them a helping hand. Of course, you can also let us know and we can pass the message to the shelters we work with. 

We are looking to expanding our mission to helping all animals on this planet. They are the reason our world is beautiful. We invite you to join us, together, to save our animals. 

買給自己吃(訂閱)或送人當禮物(送禮物) 不同長度的訂閱時間任你選
每個月初收到來自世界各國的驚喜 收集BOXDAIRE 袋再送你免費盒!